New Millennium Builders

Building Your Dreams With Integrity!


Brick & Mortar

We specialize in working with our customers from concept to launch. In today’s market, the cost of building Brick & Mortar operations requires diligent and transparent processes from your vision to turning the key and launching your dream. That is what we do! Focus on the front end to make certain the team delivers on the back end.


Mobile Food Units

Our experience and integration with the mobile food industry in the Bay Area of Northern California, provides us with a clear understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful mobile food unit. Be it a trailer or truck, moving every day or located in a single location. Our team will assist you from the design through lifting the awning, to guarantee your new unit will match the market and provide you with a successful outcome.

Turning Ideas Into Realities!

“Ideas are Easy. Execution is Hard”

Our team is built upon this principle. Our customers come to us with visions, concepts and ideas that often look like they will be easy to finish. But, executing the scopes, tasks and steps to bring the idea to reality, is HARD. It takes a very focused and qualified team to EXECUTE and our concept is that we are a part of your team that can deliver the building or unit, along with presenting options and possibilities.

Choosing The Path

Planning & Due Diligence

Step One in any project is to perform your due diligence and create a real workable plan. All too often, we get caught up in the dream energy and overlook the basics of how to move forward in a focused and realistic way. With our history and experience in a multitude of different projects and project types, we deliver the additional information and valuable analysis to assist you with making the decision of GO or NO GO, based upon truth and facts.

Making The Leap

Launching the Project

Once the GO button is pushed, it is time for the team to leap in to action. Our team, with your interaction and approvals, will launch the project. Hands on is our model. We design and build what we deliver. Custom in all aspects, focused on your business model, market and operational needs. This is where attention to detail and reality matter the most. Building your project so it functions properly, passes all of the local regulations and certifications with the different agencies and guaranteeing we are delivering what you expect and need.

Open the Doors!

Living The Dream

“Welcome! What Can We Get You?” Time to live the dream. Open the doors and deliver success. Where they say “the rubber hits the road” and you begin the journey of owning and operating your business or expansion. Even now NMB is part of the team, working through working out the kinks and fine tuning with your team.